The Thoughts Of An Unborn Child

by Louis Antonelli

If I could,
I would touch you with the smallest fingers
put my hand to your lips and silence all fear
I would hold you ’till sleep came
and morning drew near

When you wake,
I would feed you a peach and pear
nestle to your bosom and stroke
your silken hair

As day skies light,
I would listen for your voice and hymn
ever so safe in your arms as
day breaks, and darkness begins

When night comes clear,
I would wash your face, wait for your motion,
and join stride to heed;
if your temples do ache, would I wash
my mother’s hopeful face

- and I will wait for day to break,
and begin anew


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Louis Antonelli (b: July 28, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American poet and filmmaker. His professional career began at age 17, and has since been both widely distributed and awarded, internationally. He was honored by World Poetry, San Francisco, CA. with the award of 'POET/1990', and in 1994 by The National Library, as an, 'Outstanding Writer of America'. In 2006 he was named by Strathmore's, List as a 'Who's-Who Among Outstanding International Professionals': Arts/Media/Entertainment., Beginning in 1990, Louis Antonelli's poetry has been published exclusively, by VIA.

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