Description of Silvestro's Lady

by Robert Greene

Robert Greene

Her stature like the tall straight cedar-trees,

Whose stately bulks do fame th' Arabian groves;

A pace like princely Juno when she brav'd

The Queen of Love 'fore Paris in the vale;

A front beset with Love and courtesy;

A face like modest Pallas when she blush'd

A silly shepherd should be beauty's judge;

A lip sweet ruby-red, grac'd with delight;

A cheek wherein for interchange of hue

A wrangling strife 'twixt lily and the rose;

Her eyes two twinckling stars in winter nights,

When chilling frost doth clear the azur'd sky;

Her hair of golden hue doth dim the beams

That proud Apollo giveth from his coach;

The Gnidian doves, whose white and snowy pens

Do stain the silver-streaming ivory,

May not compare with those two moving hills

Which, topp'd with pretty teats, discover down a vale,

Wherein the God of Love may deign to sleep;

A foot like Thetis when she tripp'd the lands

To steal Neptune's favor with her steps;

A piece, despite of beauty fram'd,

To show what Nature's lineage could afford.

Last updated September 24, 2017