Description of the Lady Maesia

by Robert Greene

Robert Greene

Her stature and her shape were passing tall,

Diana-like, when 'longst the lawns she goes;

A stately pace, like Juno when she brav'd

The Queen of Love 'fore Paris in the vale;

A front beset with love and majesty;

A face like lovely Venus when she blush'd

A silly shepherd should be beauty's judge;

A lip sweet ruby-red grac'd with delight;

Her eyes two sparkling stars in winter-night

When chilling frost doth clear the azur'd sky;

Her hairs in tresses twin'd with threds of silk,

Hung waving down like Phoebus in his prime;

Her breasts as white as those two snowy swans

That draw to Paphos, Cupid's smiling dame;

A foot like Thetis' when she tripp'd the sands,

To steal Neptunus' favour with her steps;

In fine, a piece despite of beauty fram'd,

To show what Nature's cunning could afford.

Last updated July 24, 2019