Lines Translated from Guazzo

by Robert Greene

Robert Greene

He that appal'd with lust would sail in

haste to Corinthum,

There to be taught in Lais' school to seek

for a mistress,

Is to be train'd in Venus' troop and

chang'd to the purpose;

Rage embrac'd, but reason quite thrust out

as an exile;

Pleasure a pain, rest, turn'd to be

care, and mirth as a madness;

Fiery minds inflam'd with a look, enrag'd

as Alecto;

Quaint in array, sighs fetch'd from far,

and tears, marry, feigned;

Pensive, sore, deep-plung'd in pain,

not a place but his heart whole;

Days in grief and nights consum'd to think

on a goddess;

Broken sleeps, sweet dreams, but short,

from the night to the morning;

Venus dash'd, his mistress' face as bright as


Helena stain'd, the golden ball wrong-given

by the shepherd;

Hairs of gold, eyes twinkling stars, her

lips to be rubies;

Teeth of pearl, her breasts like snow,

her cheeks to be roses;

Sugar-candy she is, as I guess, from the

waist to the kneestead;

Nought is amiss, no fault were found,

if soul were amended;

All were bliss if such fond lust led

not to repentance.

Last updated September 24, 2017