My America is like a poemwhisperer

Sabine Aussenac

My America is like a rising sun
Twin Towers tempest and Walden woods
Desert gospels and Harlem as a temple
Oh give me the time of grace
Even frozen hearts can touch this marigold summer of love

My America is like a bright harvest
Gone with the dubious wind
Suzanne is singing sadly
And Johnny Cash feels hurt
But sandpipers are waiting for the mermaid of their dreams

My America is like a poemwhisperer
Tender is her night
Captain oh my Captain can you feel this dusty wonderland
Vermont greens and Texas spleen
Over the rainbow she’s a dancing queen

My America is like a gentle hurricane
Slate grey children play lonesome and lost
Scarlett is crying rivers
But bluebell hope will never die
Can you smell the colors of our spicy apple pie

My America is like a blowing prayer
Chestnut drums and sunflowers fields
Many helpless rivers to cross
A thing of beauty is a joy forever
Poets and words swim in strawberry winds

My America is like a milky honeymoon
Cherry blossoms whistles
Cristal cities flying forests
Moonwalks in purple rains
Sound of silence or smiling Babylons

My America is like a genesis
Ocean’s stars crossing hearts
From the Golden Gate to Big Apple
Sitting Bull sharing peace pipe with Marilyn
Windmills in the secret of thousand golden roses.

Sabine Aussenac

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Born from a german mother and from a french father between Rhine and Garonne, Sabine Aussenac is a child of Europe. She grew up between mediterranean lights and dark pine forests, Verlaine and Heine, Hugo and Celan., German teacher, she was a graduate of the poetry of the Holocaust and has also written many poems, essays and short stories. Her first novel, British Kiss, is currently in peer review. Mom of three kids, she lives in Gasconny., Find her writings in her portfolio site,,, or The Post, or on different blogs., Her first poetry book is available on LULU.,

Last updated September 26, 2011