Sweet Colonnade

by Vasil Slavov

Oh, my sweet, sweet colonnade,
do you still sharpen your pillars
against the cinnamon dusk of the place
so distant,
so insanely revered,
so bitterly rejected
the place called . . .
How did we call this place, Madam?
Patria, madam?
Or something like that?
I did forget. . .
Do I regret. . .

But I remember.
The cinnamon dust,
the smell of wet moss,
remnants in the distance, roses in the distance,
graveyards, leaned on the horizon,
crosses, piercing the skies. . .
Murky-ness of nothing-ness
and leaves of grass
( defined by Whitman )
under the Whitmanly White un-a-Ware-ness
of coming spring.

Oh, my sweet, concrete colonnade,
I hope you’ll open your primroses
as those old hearts of ours
half ajar
Far. . .so far
I hope
you’ll relinquish your promises, sweet colonnade,
and give me your wind,
sprung from portals of death.

“In the corner of some foreign field
I had a dream. . .”

I remember that Sofia tune. . .

We do not have dreams
anymore - furthermore
. . . the doom is fallinnnn’ -
the dice is rollinnnn’ . . .
I do not dream – I see
Bulgarian brethren
facing Bulgarian brethren
in front of you, my sweet
and the colonel
“ Aim! “

“ Where are you from?
Ohio, sir.
Do you remember the river?
Ohio river, sir? “

Where are you from?
Sofia, sir.
Do you remember the river?
Perlovskata, sir?

I’ll read again
profusely and in vain -
( for example )
I’ll read semi–spontaneously,
sweet colonnade,
about the sweet spontaneous,
of these rusty fingers of the past
buffeting. . .
And I’ll be genuinely surprised
“Thou aswerest
Them only with

I do not know my, crumbling colonnade,
if, when, and how
the Spring will answer -

but answer shall I wait for !

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria

Perlovska river – river in Sofia

Vasil Slavov's picture

Vasil Slavov is a Bulgarian poet. Graduated English philology from Sofia University “ Kliment Ohridsky “. First collection of poetry published in 1989. Same year moved to USA. Studied poetry with the MFA program (Bruce Weigl) at Pennsylvania State University. Poems published in the collection of Bulgarian verse “ Windows at the Black Sea “ (Carnegie Mellon University Press), editors Richard Harteis and William Meredith. Author of several books of poetry, collections of short stories and a novel (editors of his books published in Bulgaria - Georgi Borissov, Boris Hristov, Penka Vatova). Last book of poetry “Americana“, published with “Trud“ Publishing House - Sofia, Bulgaria - December 2010. Lives with his wife and daughter in Pittsburgh, PA.

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