Will Remain Unseen

by Vasil Slavov

intertwined in one another
away from one another
bleeding blades of autumnal grass
brought from distant burning fields
whispering in withered colors
hauntingly silent,
facing the dew drops
whose glossy surface
will name our numbness
will spell our unwindiness
yesterday’s dreams
echoes forgotten their timid inception
helpless in our non - green
diminished in our non - ivy
sad used to be - s
still blades of breath
broken fragile
under a sky
which openness
which vastness
for our tremors

will remain unseen

Vasil Slavov's picture

Vasil Slavov is a Bulgarian poet. Graduated English philology from Sofia University “ Kliment Ohridsky “. First collection of poetry published in 1989. Same year moved to USA. Studied poetry with the MFA program (Bruce Weigl) at Pennsylvania State University. Poems published in the collection of Bulgarian verse “ Windows at the Black Sea “ (Carnegie Mellon University Press), editors Richard Harteis and William Meredith. Author of several books of poetry, collections of short stories and a novel (editors of his books published in Bulgaria - Georgi Borissov, Boris Hristov, Penka Vatova). Last book of poetry “Americana“, published with “Trud“ Publishing House - Sofia, Bulgaria - December 2010. Lives with his wife and daughter in Pittsburgh, PA.

Last updated May 04, 2011