I sit alone my mind afar in another place and time,
to the one who captivates me, all my heart and mind,
her soft caress and eyes fleeting glance,
I never imagined such a chance;

The angels green with envy of a voice so honey sweet,
eyes so blue they almost hurt when our stares do meet,
hands so finely elegant that melt me with their touch,
arms that hold me powerless when I am in their clutch;

The soft brush of her warm moist breath upon my cheek,
a soft whisper in my ear that leaves me stricken weak,
she has captured me with her charms, I am no longer free,
such a pleasant fate has befallen me, no ability to flee;

What spell is this that she casts and weaves upon the starry night,
a web that has entangled me with no furtive thoughts of flight,
to be captured by her beauty is no encumbrance to fear,
100 years in such a state will I be waiting here.

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Avid reader, outdoorsman, adventurer, and would-be amateur writer. Born in Oklahoma but live n Washington State. Have two daughters, stepson, and stepdaughter, and 3 grandsons.

Last updated December 10, 2014