Golden Hair

Her looks are much more than fair with that beautiful lovely long golden hair.
A Smile from side to side with little increases there do abide.
Oh, and don't forget those beautiful eyes I think that in them I could truly hide.
With an innocence on her face seems to me her greatest grace.
Different worlds we do abide but the attractions is it but a lie.
My heart must hold it's peace because it could get so very weak.
Emotions will come and go but with one's will emotions can't be controlled.
So do you try to win one's heart, seems to be the hardest part.
Time will tell what you need to do, so with your emotions must not your heart overrule.


Kem Gerald Lowery's picture

I am new to writing in the area of publishing but have loved to write for years. A father and Pastor with an ex-wife. I am in love with love and looking to begin chapter two of my life. I write to express and release myself of pain with the hopes of helping another to cope with life as I do as well.

Last updated February 20, 2015