A Father's Thought

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

They say the little fellow looks like me,
But I'm hoping he'll be better than I've been,
And I'm hoping and I'm planning that he'll see
A little more of sunshine than I've seen.
Oh, I sit and watch him there,
Smiling at me from his chair,
And I'm dreaming of the days that are to be;
And I'm hoping he'll attain
All the goals I couldn't gain
In the years when he is treading after me.
He's exactly like his father, so I'm told,
But I'm hoping he will be a better man;
On what I may gain of glory or of gold
I have ceased to give my effort or to plan.
Through the boy who looks like me
I've another chance to be
A credit to myself, and so I say
If I can but see him gain
What I never could attain,
At the end, without regrets, I'll pass away.

Last updated January 14, 2019