by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

I KNEW it was comin', I'd watched fer a year
Without sayin' a word to a soul excep' Ma
Of the sweet sort o' things that were happenin' here,
An,' "You orter feel mighty glad of it, Pa!"
Was all that she said. But I didn't somehow,
I'd a feelin' that only old men understand,
I knew it was comin'. And it's happened now!
An' I answered yes, when he ast fer her hand.
I dodged him six weeks, now it's done, I confess.
I contrived it so's he'd never get me alone,
I knew all the time that he wanted our Bess,
An' that he was eager to make his wants known.
But he got me last night, passed me out a see-gar
An' while he was talkin' I looked at the band,
I knew in my heart that he wouldn't get far
Afore he'd get courage an' ask fer her hand.
An' I shook like a man with the ague, I guess,
Like a fellow must feel when they've doomed him to die,
An' I didn't look up when I answered him yes,
I was almost ashamed of the tears in each eye.
He's honest and clean, he's a man through and through
An' as soon as I got my old heart in command,
I said: "Since it must be, I am glad it is you,
I give you my best when I give you her hand."
I knew it was comin'. For months I could see
It was love that was lightin' those young people's eyes,
And so when he finally did corner me
I know what he said wasn't any surprise.
Now Ma's kissin' 'em both, then she'll come out and cry,
An' tomorrow she'll tell me it's perfectly grand;
Oh, happy young man, mebbe some day you'll sigh
When you're asked to part with your little one's hand.

Last updated January 14, 2019