The Brave Men

by Edgar Albert Guest

Edgar Albert Guest

HERE'S to the men who laugh
In the face of grim despair,
Who gather the tares and chaff
But sow with a cheerful air.
Here's to the smiling men
Who, giving, can take a blow,
And rise to the fight again
When others have laid them low.
Here's to the men who grin
When plans that they build go wrong,
And straightway new plans begin
With courage and purpose strong.
Here's to the glad, brave men
Who, battling, expect a bruise,
And rise to the fight again
Undaunted by fights they lose.
Here's to the men who smile,
With faith in the morning light,
And bravely await the while
Till victory crowns their fight.
Here's to the fighting men
That always need not succeed,
To rise to the fight again-
The brave in defeat we need.

Last updated January 14, 2019