Come Over Murri

by Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

I just remember Murris not only you die
in prisons or from poor conditions
Over other countries they're dying too and prisoned for surviving
like Latin America, where white man still tried to cause divisions with murder, rape and oppressions for exploitation.
We are not the only sufferers.
We are not just the ones fighting for land cultural rights.
Overseas in other lands they are fighting against the same enemy
which is capitalist or gone wrong commos.
We are in one world, but we here are forgetting about other native people's struggles.
We as Murri must look here and support the necessary struggles of other countries, for their fights affect our fights.
Take the black out of South Africa and put them here we will find the same racist things.
Take red people up in Canada, they're still fighting for rights.
Take the Pacific natives they are still struggling for what they need.
And take whites overseas, they are fighting too, oh, like the Irish people who want Britain out.
So Murris we have to have feeling, thinking and action for all low, small native peoples overseas.
And then we will get world understanding and unity, even love for one another's cultures.
Just remember they die, fight too Murri.
The other countries are waiting now for your support and fight.

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Last updated January 14, 2019