Imarbara I am — Generation of Existence

by Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

I am a living entity, you belong to me. I AM.
I am of earth and space
I am a son of the world
I am the religious law
I am the kin to all creatures
I am kin to this creation
The world is my nation
The earth is my mother
The black man is of this earth
The red man is of this earth
And the yellow man of this earth
But where is the white mad man's home
He has rape in mind to his own mother earth
I have to fight with the trees
I have to fight with the rivers and rocks
Dear mother earth have my love
Day by day
Withdraw the force a companion pain of you, to be part of me
Please mother I'm sorry and lonely for your natural cause.
I am the birds dat die
I am the snakes dat die
I am the sea creatures to die
Sure man, we am but why must we bang and blast here on this ground?
I'm your native here in captive
I'm your native ready in revolt
I'm the native to bring all
white human being to a new world
where you mother earth rule.
I know you can just take so much.
So I'm the land's sources of identity.
You mother earth provides for my physical needs
and my spiritual needs.
You are the holy and sacred and I'm the regeneration
of history and the continuation of your life
I'm the begin and dat where we all returns.

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Last updated January 14, 2019