Joowindoo Goonduhmu

by Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

Ngujoo nye muyunube
Little black buree
You must respect golo
You must praise to junun
You must seek love with googee
little black buree hear your
song "nuyeeree munu juwoon'
The gendergender
will bring the message
The googuhgu
will laugh when you cry sad
to make your world happy
Gugun gugun buree "gukoore doongge'
Wake up little buree your
old gulung boome
all gnumgnin to
love mooroon gunggen ge
Oh little buree goonduhmu sing
goonduhmu the feelings of
gurring ina narmee, gurring ina narmee
nha gun goon na nhorn goo
yea little buree our binung love
your sounds in the boorun
now miremumbeh and
monu goondir helps
little black gukoore your gumee
loves you. Even mumu love you

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Last updated April 01, 2023