Uppu Gulung Goowe Good by and by

by Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

Aurukun oh Aurukun
Here we've heard
The cry of young people
Seeking love we will
all find Aurukun is
very much tribal
Aurukun near a sea
Aurukun beautiful land
We over or down here
must give spirits
Murri power, for you
our people
Aurukun as claps
even hidden things
But Aurukun is where
we fell in love
Aurukun to me down
this place hold my
heart in greater
respects for Kuoowta
firmly in looking after
our main mon
Aurukun where
is black power the
white church will
never give us the
related we to
understand your struggle
but let me say Aurukun
people now know this
hard world
But up the Aurukun Aborigine.

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Last updated January 14, 2019