Murra Murra Gulandanilli Waterhen

by Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

Yet I too bleed the Murra Murra Gulandanilli heart
We blessed his body touched
We slipped to the earth feel with Daniel
I stepped proud, yielded dance
That was denial
My radical grumble with him
Oh man oh man
Him smiling at you,
Him a-laughing at you
Him eyes are dillil
Him understood the street lies
Him undertook eight and was mistook
Murra Murra Gulandanilli
Pain and ache
Yet he was loved by the Great Ones
Grief came out, out of sharing
And sharing and sharing alike was him
I still to this day feel
Danny Yock's consistency
The fate him kept
Paradise him kept
Dayock is a-calling contempt
To evil policies
Dayock is a-singing to the souls
Aborigine revolution coming
To those pigs sneer and judges too
Dayock want all you young to fight on
Not lurk on
To fight on To defend him
Dayock fear nobody
Cos him was a spiritual dancer
Was a Murra Murra dancer
Everybody praise within his respects
A distant happier came for a far a-wide
Just a-greet Danny Yock
I asked a light of life and people
Here to 'member
The ember of the human spirit
To make him our brother Daniel dance that dance
Of the bleeding Murra Murra heart
He was taken away, taken away from me
in my heart living in always
The journey of his beginning
No more pain no more suffering
Dreamtime dancer keep me strong
Murra Murra Gulandanilli
Culture romancer
You're on the other side, the light you see
The light you see is where you're from
Is where you're going to be the from of the feeling that was within you
Can't you forget
Can't you remember
As long as I am a-grieving
You'll see justice will be done
Baba Yubbu
I will love you always
Your blood runs through me
I'll survive, we'll sunrise the enemy
At Murra Murra Gulandanilli dancer
The culture romancer
In my heart you're living always
In a Murri way of dancing
Dreamtime dancers
Romancers dance
Murra Murra Gulandanilli
Waterhen Waterhen Waterhen

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Last updated January 14, 2019