Shields Strong, Nulla Nullas Alive

by Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

Morning dawning stems that core
won't adore poor poor songs
potentially people quit easy
rarely having arts
personal solos move.
Stunning outrageous woomeras
flew spears that side cornered
Arnhem Lands
Clapsticks local long maybe
normal entrance
finger nail giving painting
sane once again.
Carvings came flying through didgeridoos
over Kimberley roots.
Timber prides
simple ornament like mulga wood crafted
Maningrida distinct types.
Finely grained boomerangs
miniatures proved adults
shaped and thrown in the desert life.
Weaving fabrics
entirely rich relaxed music
designs your ochre coiled of unique colours.
lovers relate
snakes, wild dingo, emus, birds, animals
just like fruit salad.
Traditional authentic coolamons
Yes makers earlier include all.
Fantastic lush property
pumped to a gallon of manure
could you believe that this we were told
was better than
what we had.
An intact society based on quality of life.
How sad for you.
Or shields are strong
Nulla nullas alive.
20 May 1982

Yoogum yoogum
Yoogum yoogum

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