The Shepherd King

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

And they called Him Jesus, the Nazarene.
Yea, with the scourge of scorn they smote Him.
Yea, with the blade of hate they slew Him.
With the cunning of malice they disclaimed Him.
And He went down into the tomb.
And with the seed of His righteousness
Was He resurrected.
And they acclaimed Him king through the ages.
Yea, with their outcries have they exalted Him,
And made an abode fitting such
A kingly One. With their ardour
They have burned the sacrificial fires
Through the nights and well unto the mornings.
Lo, they have called Him king, Messiah,
And anointed Him unto office.
Have they forgotten He was called
Jesus, the Nazarene?
Have they forgotten the Shepherd?
While they acclaim Him, methinks I see Him
Within a valley's retreat, clasping His staff
And looking forth unto the West,
Watching His sheep pass before Him,
And numbering them
After the fashion of the shepherd.

Last updated January 14, 2019