The Empty Room

by James Moody

A single chair no longer there
Nor pictures to adorn the walls
One lone window lights the way
Illume the dust that falls

Pale ghostly shadows where portraits hung
Hint of past lives and of laughter
Yet only traces of those who were
Now gone to ever after

Listen in the dead of silence
Of children’s echoed prattles
Just a clanking drafty window
From an ill-fit sash that rattles

Beyond dirty panes of glass
Cold winds stir naked branches
Projecting shadows upon the walls
That dips and swirls in dances

Reminiscing of lives gone by
So sad with extreme gloom
Step-back and close this door forever
On this cold and empty room

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I am age 67, a retired construction worker., Father of 5., Grandfather of 16, great grandfather of 2., Enjoy reading and writing, mainly poetry., Enjoy music of every kind.

Last updated April 05, 2016