Immortal Indian Legend

You were born as light,
you were born to enlighten.
Your birth is an incarnation
of infinite knowledge and wisdom.

Oh inborn intellect,you are immortal!
Oh divine incarnation,you are eternal!

You were born as courageous,
you were born to encourage.
Your resonant voice,vibrant words
transformed every sheep being into a lion.

Oh leonine legend,you are immortal!
Oh mighty monk,you are eternal!

Your solid self in look,
is an ocean of unselfishness in form.
Your honest and humble heart
is full of desire less love for mankind.

Oh astounding altruist,you are immortal!
Oh great human lover,you are eternal!

Your extraordinary thought process
unified both science and spirituality.
All our foolishness is washed out
with the flush of your enormous wisdom.

Oh spiritual master,you are immortal!
Oh thought thunder,you are eternal!

Your unflinching affection on the nation,
lifted the land's glory to the heights of heaven.
Your boundless concern on fellowmen,
beautified the brotherhood among our brethren.

Oh perfect patriot,you are immortal!
Oh true son of the soil,you are eternal!

As long as this grand creation holds the life,holy shrine India shines on the earth with emanating brightness called "Swami Vivekananda".

- A tiny tribute to his holiness on the account of his 150th birth anniversary.

Vasishta Sharma Gudi

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Vasishta is affectionate to both English and Sanskrit literature but pens mostly in English for better reach. Inspired by day-to-day scenarios, his writings capture deep human connections with inner self., He currently works as Data Scientist at Amazon., You can write to him @

Last updated March 15, 2013