Little Children Brought Unto The Lord Jesus Christ

by Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather

Little Children Brought unto the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

When Little Children once were brought
To our most Gracious Lord:
Them that Oppos'd, He better Taught,
By this most precious Word:

" Suffer Your Little Children , so,
" Forbid them not, I say,
" Their Saviour to come unto;
" I'm He , and come they may.

" Acknowledge me a mighty King,
" That Heavenly Graces give;
" Infants to me, for Subjects bring;
" My Heaven does them receive.

Thus does our Blessed Shepherd call,
Our lambs into His Fold:
Lord pour thy Blessings on them all,
Blessings richer than Gold.

Oh! What a Glorious Grace is This,
Which God through Christ will grant,
That HE ours and our Childrens is,
In His Best Covenant.

Last updated April 01, 2023