My Heart, How Very Hard It's Grown

by Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather

1. My heart, how very hard it's grown! Thickened and stiffened
2. An heart wherein compacted weeds Of diverse lusts a-
clay Daily trod by the wicked
bound, No entrance for the heavenly
one, Of sin the beaten way.
seeds Falling on such a ground!

3. O my almighty Saviour, come!
Thy word's a wondrous plow,
And let thy spirit drive it home;
This heart, oh break it so!

4. Lord, let my broken heart receive
Thy truth with faith and love;
May it a just reception give
To what falls from above.

5. Will my God plow upon a rock?
Change thou the soil, my Lord!
My heart, once by thy plowshare broke,
Will entertain thy word.

Last updated April 01, 2023