The Death of Robin Hood

by David Wallace

‘Come bring my bow of English yew and raise me from this bed
And let me look upon the wood wherein shall lay my head’
With fading sight and wearied limb through window rose he gazed
And summoning strength with trembling arm his mighty bow was raised

Sinews drawn to fullest test he let the arrow fly
And sinking back upon his bed he breathed a heavy sigh
‘Follow yonder willow shaft through forests darkened keep
For flighted by the angels, twill appoint where I shall sleep’

The stalwart oak tree caught the shaft, appointed by Gods grace
Beside a brook, in bluebell’d wood, there marked his resting place
In tunic Gold and Lincoln green, his sword upon his breast
Beneath the trees of Sherwood green was Robyn laid to rest

That mighty heart, its labour done, when stilled its Valliant quest
All England mourned its stalwart son who bore the Locksley crest
And through the silent forest, soft April showers wept
To wash that place from hearts and minds, a secret ever kept

One maid, one Friar, with little John, in sombre vigil stood
In silent witness mourning, the passing of the Hood
On England’s green and pleasant land was played a Hero’s part
And Never more on sceptre’d isle will beat a truer heart

David Wallace

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I am a fifty eight year old Writer/Musician living and working in Spain. Having been employed in the publishing business for most of my working life, I now write for pleasure. I have won several competitions for both short stories and poetry and am currently a member of several forums to which I contribute on a regular basis.

Last updated July 15, 2011