A King's Will

by Jeffrey T. Bender

I now take my leave of you,
To go where you cannot follow.
'Tis in sadness, I bid adieu.
If we meet again, I do not know.
Honor left in the wake of my departure.
Ring my deeds out on high,
But keep not my name as a martyr,
For I wish not to be worshipped when I die.
I leave my empire to my son,
It is he, I entrust, who will continue
The works which I have begun.
And as my last wish, have him renew,
The love of the people towards the Empire.
With my last breath I request, bury me by fire.

Fountain, Colorado

I was born in 1986 in Mtn. Home, Idaho. I began writing poems at the age of 15, my freshman year of high school, in 2001, with the poem 'Mind Decay'. Mind Decay is a 14 line Shakespearean style sonnet about the capabilities of one mind to alter the world. Some of my poems are love based, but many others are based around grand themes such as revolution, or space exploration, or alternate realities. Much of my poetry is fiction with an underlying message of reality tucked in.

Last updated September 08, 2011