Quick Sing (Translation)

by Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

I can see a lot of people coming
Little black baby
You must respect the moon
You must praise the sun
You must seek love with the star
Little black baby hear your
song: "That's our country'
The willy wagtail
will bring the message
The kookaburra
will laugh when you cry sad
to make your world happy
Baby crying
Wake up little baby
old good catch
all me and you to
love a man singing out
Oh little baby sing
sing the feelings of
what am I doing in this flat country
I come from not here but long away
yea little baby our ear love
your sounds in the wind
now rain coming and
that clever doctor helps
little black kid your auntie
loves you. Even uncle love you.

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Last updated April 01, 2023