Rae Shines in Rivers

by Lionel Fogarty

Lionel Fogarty

Little Rae of shine
Rae, your eyes shine upon your hair
Rae, in dreaming you shone
it happen a week ago July
my thinking of your closeness
towards my brother
Rae, a week seem long in love
Free spirits came over a
little ray of sun.
Free love must be given
if not then I'm lost forever.
Rae, the day we meet
is the day we kiss
Back there in dreaming
Back there in time
young and old, Murri as Murri
A little ray of sun shine
a little flower off the land
I ask this of a mind thing
I ask this of a love thing
Rae give me nothing
Rae I gave nothing
Rae I'm willing to give
Your kind voice I enjoyed
Your care I'm after
Rae you don't know me
Rae I don't know you
Trust must come of age
Livin' must come one day
But Rae my dream is a reality
But Rae my feeling is a happy one
Come sweet pretty Rae
Come on young in wiseness
Rae this was a dream of thinking
But will you understand a happy man?

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Last updated January 14, 2019