by Ece Apaydin


Let someone show me the exit she said
let someone take down the shutters to me she said
let someone open her cardiac valve to me she said
the small piece of meat in the snail head she said
let me stay in the piano the more rains of the less horses she said
traffic flowers she said paper tissues she said women she said
he is a green boy who has chained himself to the bridge the opposite of
lie down wrapped in the paper clips
such as the rose in your hand which I gave you she said out of a movie she said
towards the bench-top where a corpse is being washed
to play with the emotions is the job of the rose.


Let someone tell me the truth she said
let someone tells me what’s going on around us this nudity she said
children who will be spending the night out cardboard houses garbage trucks she said
climbing the legs 99 cent store that is absolutely right in the cheap hairgrips she said
the traffic that is dragging in front of the shutters how many miles to home if any arduous miles walking in the snow she said
(because of the similarity of the word she said) for good behavior she said even you are my resident I left beyond I never pitied ever I never pitied I became the paramour of the rock salts she said
I granted to you I spared me believe to this she said the princess of the wiggly jiggly swing the Cinderella of my house towards the bench-top where a corpse is being washed
to bleed the falling downs from the bosom is the job of the rose.


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KORAY FEYİZ, A Turkish poet, born in Istanbul in 1961, Koray Feyiz studied Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering, and Urban Planning, at Karadeniz Technical University, and at Middle East Technical University. He completed his doctoral dissertation on Urban Psychology. Feyiz is currently engaged in research on Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. His first published poem appeared in one of Turkey’s most prestigous literary magazines, Varlık, in 1987. His poems and prose essays have continued to appear in numerous Turkish literary magazines over the last two decades. He has also published seven collections of his poetry: Mezarlar Eskimedi (The Graveyard is Not Exhausted, İz, 1987), Bir Mektupta İki Yalnızlık (Two Solitudes in One Letter, Engin, 1988), Ben O Issız O Yorgun Şehir (I Am a Desolate, Exhausted City, Prospero, 1995), Uhrevi Zorba (The Metaphysical Autocrat, Urun, 1995), DüşleGelen (To You Who Arrived in a Dream, Suteni, 1995), Seni Bağışladım Çünkü Beni Çok Üzdün (Cause of My Grief, I Forgive You, Hera, 1999) and Su Yarası (Wounded by the Water, Artshop 2010), (Translated by Dr.Nesrin Eruysal)

Last updated June 12, 2016