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Ece Apaydin is the leader of the postmodernist poetry in Turkish poetry. This leadership with a qualification of being a pioneer as canalizing, influincing the reader is based on mutual consent. The institution of consent is a significant consideration which regulates the communication between the poet and the postmodernism. The poet who is assigned by the letters patent of the readers, in this way having a particular status, should also be accepted and adopted by the postmodernists. Ece Apaydin is pointing the human dimension of postmodernism and right ascensions about life. Which is including the postmodernism to the poetry of the poet is certainly the life itself. On her verses, it is observed that also so many objects that are relevant-irrelevant with each others are located as syntax. By realizing the poetic gap in the language, the poet is investigating its aesthetic at the moment of each of her poetry again and with another identity. She is moving away from sorting the prepared image and grammer prescriptions one after another as escaping away from the devil. Therefore, it can be said that reaching a poetic word is an overdetermination. However, she is chasing the chemistry of the sound as well as the chemistry of the speech. The poetry of Ece Apaydin is also registering to taking care of herself with people by exhibiting such a wealthy world. I have got a plenty of all of her griefs, wounds available. For instance, I love very much of her being a poet whom she does badly with life. Because I also do badly. When people saw their wounds in front of them incarnationally, which they did not even confess themselves, they feel intimacy unavoidably. Ece Apaydin is a poet who goes after her wounds. When I am writing, I am doing this actually. The fooling around of the desire; does not remain in the confessionist style of the poetry, it extends up to the meaning of it. The meaning is one of the most significant elements of the poetry. The postmodernist poetry, is not a poetry that is degrading the poetry to a vocabulary and language games by excluding the meaning in the poetry, also Ece Apaydin is the same. Her poetry is in the same state with the meaning. She is interested with the meaning as much as being interested with the defining feature of the confessionist style. In order to create a new discourse, she also indicates the inseparability of the confessionist style with the meaning. The words that can not come together under no circumstances, so far that can not be able to relate with each others, opposite and disjointed, come together on the roof of Ece Apaydin’s poetry without being awared of and in an image integrity. As of the subjectivity concept of that objectivity which we see in the imagist poetry makes her poetry complicated, in spite of all simplicity and clarity of her poetry. You need to know the special language of Ece Apaydin, in order to work out. The loneliness in her existence is a mysterious obsession. Biography of poet by Koray Feyiz
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