To Sleep

by Ece Apaydin


They worked all night long now sleeping twig brooms
inner glands. an embraced white
legs wrapping around tables - caressing the roots of the cauliflower
a southwester mouse
the nests upturned in the wind

They are sleeping in a steady calmness during the daytime
their heads are like pencils that have been gnawed with love
fallen on the shadows of the papers and aprons
it is evoked for five o’clock tea
those beds that we returned back

A cherubic suffering from us to him
to the fire inlaided long room of the sleep
the buff sign of the fatique and also regular
the street that we passed by
a melody that we kept skimming
from us to him for a moment
in the buzzing of a sound


When our objects are asleep
we will transform into coleopteras
to the iron of the sky - perhaps to its freedom
a marine animal which is boiling masterly
in the rainbows where the wind turns deers obstinately
will say horrible you are
the one not being drawn back like brand new shoes
in the mornings of the feast - from the presence of the sleep
unless not knowing from itself this beaten beauty


They slept all night long on the southwester beaten
by tilting my eyeglasses not different than lens
I caressed those gadflies that adheres to the glasses.


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KORAY FEYİZ, A Turkish poet, born in Istanbul in 1961, Koray Feyiz studied Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering, and Urban Planning, at Karadeniz Technical University, and at Middle East Technical University. He completed his doctoral dissertation on Urban Psychology. Feyiz is currently engaged in research on Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing. His first published poem appeared in one of Turkey’s most prestigous literary magazines, Varlık, in 1987. His poems and prose essays have continued to appear in numerous Turkish literary magazines over the last two decades. He has also published seven collections of his poetry: Mezarlar Eskimedi (The Graveyard is Not Exhausted, İz, 1987), Bir Mektupta İki Yalnızlık (Two Solitudes in One Letter, Engin, 1988), Ben O Issız O Yorgun Şehir (I Am a Desolate, Exhausted City, Prospero, 1995), Uhrevi Zorba (The Metaphysical Autocrat, Urun, 1995), DüşleGelen (To You Who Arrived in a Dream, Suteni, 1995), Seni Bağışladım Çünkü Beni Çok Üzdün (Cause of My Grief, I Forgive You, Hera, 1999) and Su Yarası (Wounded by the Water, Artshop 2010), (Translated by Dr.Nesrin Eruysal)

Last updated June 12, 2016