The Body of Divinity Versifyed

by Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather

A God there is, a God of boundless Might,
In Wisdom, Justice, Goodness, Infinite.
God is but One and yet in Persons Three.
The Father, Son, and Spirit, One God we see.
Our God, by His Great Name JEHOVAH known,
HE the World Made, and Keeps, and Rules Alone.
To Glorify the Glorious God, is That
For which He did all men, and me Create.
God a Just Rule doth in our Bible give,
A Rule, both what to Think, and how to Live.
Holy & Happy our First Parents came
From Gods Hand, with Gods Image in our Frame.
Tasting Forbidden Fruit our Parents fell;
This Taste has plung'd Mankind all down to Hell.
Our Blest Lord JESUS CHRIST, in our Distress,
Comes to fetch us from Hell to Blessedness.
Into his Person, the Bright Son of God,
A Virgins Son took; There He makes Abode.
Life as a Priest CHRIST will His People bring,
Light as a Prophet, & Law as a King.
For us our Surety Liv'd, for us he Dy'd,
And Rising did to Heaven in Triumph Ride.
By Faith to Christ we for Salvation go;
Faith too, as well as That must He bestow.
For Sin will the Renew'd Believer Mourn,
And from all Sin, he'l by Repentance Turn.
Sinners receiving of Gods Pardon, they
Gods Precept will, made Saints, with Love Obey.
All Homage we must yield unto the Lord;
In all directed, by His Heavenly Word.
His Works and Names, we may not use in Vain;
Nor by our Works thereon His Days Profane.
With Honours due we must our Neighbours treat;
And sweetly wish them Lives both Long & Sweet.
With Chastity we must our selves Behave;
And do no Wrong in what we Get or Save.
Truth we must utter, & abhor to Lye;
And be Content, tho' in Adversity.
Them who to be in CHRIST, thro' Grace, Consent,
God brings into His Gracious Covenant.
The Baptism of the Lord, assures that we
Both Wash'd from Sin, & Rais'd from Death, shall be.
To See the Lord, we at His Table Sitt,
And Show, that we shall in His Kingdom Eat.
Gods Children His good Promises Enjoy:
And Good comes of what Ill may them annoy.
His Angels He to them does Guardians make,
And these their Souls, at their Departure take.
To Judge the World, CHRIST will descend at Last;
A Righteous Doom shall by that Judge be past.
The Wicked shall bear bitter Pain and Shame,
With Wicked Spirits in Eternal Flame.
The Godly shall, with their Great GOD, on High,
Reap Joyes, High Joyes, to all Eternity.

Last updated April 01, 2023