Ode To Spring

by Elizabeth Bentley

Elizabeth Bentley

WELCOME, sweet season of delight,
What beauties charm the wond'ring sight
In thy enchanting reign!
How fresh descends the morning dew,
Whilst op'ning flow'rs of various hue
Bedeck the sprightly plain.
The artless warblers of the grove
Again unite in songs of love,
To bless thy kind return:
But first the lark, who roaring seems
To hail the orb of day, whose beams
With fresh refulgence burn.
The limpid brook that purls along,
The tuneful blackbird's joyous song,
The softly-whisp'ring breeze;
The mossy hills, which now invite,
These with the verdant meads unite,
Th' elated mind to please.
The mind with thoughts of good possest,
With innocence and virtue blest,
Untaught in vice's ways;
May taste those joys by nature giv'n,
May lift th' enraptur'd eye to heav'n,
And their great Author praise.
Stern Winter's gloomy season past,
We see fair Spring advances fast,
With Summer in the rear;
Soon Autumn's shades will interpose,
And a succeeding Winter close
The swift-revolving year.
Of human life an emblem true,
The early morn of youth we view,
In Spring's delightful face;
Meridian life's a Summer's day,
With Autumn fades; its quick decay,
In winter's blast we trace.
Then let us prize each fleeting hour,
Improve the moments in our pow'r,
E'er time shall cease to be;
Then shall our spirits, taking wing,
Be crown'd with an eternal Spring,
From Wint'ry storms set free.

Last updated January 14, 2019