On His Majesty's Happy Recovery

by Elizabeth Bentley

Elizabeth Bentley

BRITANNIA's sons, once more rejoice,
Let jocund mirth your cares dispel;
Be it proclaim'd with cheerful voice,
Each tongue the glad'ning tidings tell.
Your pray'rs are heard, nor heard in vain,
With gratitude the blessing own;
Behold your King restor'd to reign,
Once more he fills Britannia's throne.
O Britain! ever-favor'd land,
Of mighty Heav'n the darling care;
What people shall thy pow'r withstand,
Or boast thy happiness to share?
That cloud of grief which late appear'd
In ev'ry faithful subject's face,
No more is seen, nor murmurs heard,
But universal joy takes place.
Now England's Sov'reign, good as great,
Once more shall make his people blest;
His care shall all our ills defeat,
His smile shall raise each wretch distrest.
Proud Faction now shall disappear,
Fair Peace shall spread her genial wings;
To bless with many a tranquil year,
The best of patriots and of kings.
Hail! Royal Chief of Brunswick's line,
In whom all princely virtues blend;
Let ev'ry loyal voice combine
To praise our Monarch and our Friend.
Nor only in these realms ador'd,
All Europe joins to bless the day
When our great King, to health restor'd;
Resum'd his mild, his gentle sway.
The lib'ral arts once more shall shine,
Blest with his kind, protecting care;
Beneath his influence benign,
Science her drooping head shall rear.
O! may kind fate his life and reign
Prolong with many a happy day;
Unknown to him be grief and pain,
May Health her cheering beams display.
Blest in sweet Friendship's joys divine,
With the fair Partner of his cares;
Whose radiant virtues far outshine
The gems that deck the crown she wears.
Illustrious Pair! long may they see
Old England in a prosp'rous state;
Their beauteous, blooming Progeny,
Good, like themselves, belov'd and great.

Last updated January 14, 2019