Song. The Briton's Resolution

by Elizabeth Bentley

Elizabeth Bentley

YE sons of British heroes,
Who've fought in Glory's field,
Shall ye to Gallic boasters
Your laurels ever yield?
With rage and envy frantic
Against our happy isle,
The spot on earth distinguish'd
By genuine Freedom's smile.
Fierce foes to every blessing
The British peasant shares,
They'd rob us of each treasure
That life to man endears.
Rouze, rouze your ancient courage,
Remember Blenheim's plain;
Let Agincourt and Cressy
Recount their Frenchmen slain.
Ye valiant men of Norfolk,
Whom Nelson's deeds inspire,
Remember his example,
And shew your patriot fire.
Is life more dear than freedom?
Say, will you bear the yoke,
Survive your Country's ruin,
And crouch beneath the stroke,
The slaves of Gallic tyrants?
What heart but answers No!
Seize, seize your sword and firelock,
And rush to meet the foe.
With hearts and hands united,
Let's make a glorious stand,
To save our wives and children,
Our friends and native land.
For our dearest rights contending,
Just Heav'n our swords will guide;
Let Union be our motto,
And Loyalty our pride.
We'll save our Country's freedom,
Or in her cause we'll die;
Brave Britons, when united,
The world in arms defy.

Last updated January 14, 2019