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Get 'em, lyric by Kid Capri

from the songs album The Tape

Let me tell you
Yo capri
You know i just want you to say a couple
Just a couple rhymes though
Naw nah nah nah
I just want you just say one rhyme
For the crew, for everybody
Just just kick it like.. this

[kid capri]
So what, if the tweeters begin to scream
If the bass sounds funky then you know what i mean
Kid capri got a crazy dope unique style
I'm givin shouts to the brothers on riker's isle
Now soon, you will know, who is the master
In five minutes, you will be sure
It's the same old routine, all of your are listenin
And, you, want, more
We talk about sex? sure i get a lot of it
Now, tell me, what else i can get out of it
The name is kid capri, and sure you don't like it
Seems very funny, while all of you bite it
Not here to impress you or anyone else
Only thing i gotta do is impress myself
Now i know you other rappers wanna diss me hard
Just because the kid capri, is doin his job
I don't fear no evil, i don't even like you
Just wanna know, why you wanna bite you
Dirty imitator, perfect perpetrator
Said you're good, sucker rapper i'm greater
You said you're fly, but why are you dyin?
First you was laughin, now you are cryin
Seems to me you wanna call in a truce
You had to learn the hard way that kid capri gets loose
Snatchin down suckers, all in that order
Police gettin banned, from crossin the border
Yeah i get tough don't make this a issue
My name is kid capri, k.c. is my initials
Sucker mc's violatin my powers
Studyin my style, for hours, and hours
Comin in here, tryin to battle the king
And i say to myself what a ding-a-ling
Yeah, lords of funk better than before
Takin belts from chumps, walkin out the door
Try to step to the kings but you didn't know how
Well the lords is back, so whatcha gonna do now?
I got a beef with those that try to, show that ass
And try to, diss on my brothers, from back in the past
You're a kid that didn't know you would, be a star
But now, rip you to shreds no matter who you are
First of all, your style, please explain
Why do you always wanna sound like big daddy kane?
Or krs-one, or even rakim
To tell the truth you're just like all the rest of them
Tell me why you wanna bite somebody else that's great
I got one word for it: imitate!
You brag and boast about how good you are
And how you struggled, so hard, to be a star
Sweatin mellow fellow rappers that's down with the crew
Give it a couple of days, you'll be sweatin me too
You see rap rotates like a spinnin wheel
One day you're fake, the next day you're for real
You got nerve, who gave you, the right to bite
Any style, another entertainer recite
Let's face it tell the truth, i'm kid capri
I'm a person, a lot of y'all wish you could be
I took him out i took them out, and the rest of his crew
And if i took them all out, then who the hell are you?
Please, get away don't even think of it boy
I'm not doin it for pay, i'm doin it for joy
Just, get on your knees, and beg for less
And say to hell with it man, kid capri's the best
I rock on, cause i'm the best of the west
I rock on with the triple that's on my chest
I rock on, and as i get on down
And i can take an adverb and make it sound like a noun
Ah yes yes y'all, it gets fresher than fly
Kid capri is in the house and you wonder why
Nobody else could rock a party, like me
The original, tapemaster kid capri
So check it out..

Yo capri, capri that was def
Yo, slam the headphones, we outta here

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