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Viva La Radio, lyric by Lolly

from the songs album My First Album

Viva viva viva la radio
How i love my radio
I take it with me wherever i go
How i love to hear the sound
I like to play it nice and out loud

Radi-o-ooo, that's it, i love it
Radi-o-ooo, turn it up, turn it up
Radi-o-ooo, louder, louder
Radi-o-ooo, i love it, i love it
Viva viva viva la radio (repeat x4)
How i wish i was a dj
I'd play my favourite music everyday
Radio lolly is what it would be
And you can come and dance and party with me

Viva viva viva la radio (repeat to fade)

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