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No Champagne, lyric by 4LYN

from the songs album 4LYN

(are you ready,or what?)
so here i come
save ya passengers from this critical-minded messenger.
right in front of ya eyes
u see me standin wit da mic in da right hand,
ain?t that aight,man (come on!!)
5 bucks entry and da drinks aren?t 4 free
the bartender?s trippin?and ya girl is lookin?at me
typical - tropical heat...chewin?gum on ya seat...
yeah,this happening sukks,yes indeed.

tell me, what?s da reason,yo,
why do u came ? why do ya blame ?
the band is giving everything.
oh,now u say that it?s 2 loud...
do u think that it is silent when u shout?
tell me,why da fukk r u here?(oh yeah..)
you wanna criticize me?
yeah,i can feel it in the air...
adrenaline is risin,homes,yo...
ya anger is my air 2 breathe, and i can feel it in my bones...

pay 4 fame (...it?s da stikk-up-stukk-up-stikk-up-kid...)
fight,fight,fight,fight me!
drink no champagne!
(it?s a stikk up,yo,it?s a stikk up!it?s a stikk-up,yo,it?s a stikk-up....it?s a stikk-up,fukk!!)

yo,I hear ya screamin?4 payback,bitch,but i have 2 disapoint u ,
cuz i dont swing tec?s or baseballbats...
so i guess ya skills gotta be the weapon 2 choose 4 u,
and i won?t explain da rules 2 times 4 u...
wake up early,son,first come-first serve...
speak your shit,but always keep something in reserve.
the crowd wants 2 be entertained...
so what?cha gonna be,b-boy? A b-boy or a stain????

pay 4 fame (...it?s da stikk-up-stukk-up-stikk-up-kid...)fight,fight,fight,fight me.
drink no champagne! (it?s a stikk up,yo,it?s a stikk up,it?s a stikk-up,yo it?s a stikk-up,it?s a stikk-up,boy!!....)

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