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Ghost Train, lyric by Marc Cohn

from the songs album Marc Cohn

Everybody talks about some fateful day
And i guess that this was mine
I may be here to tell some kind of story
But i think it's gonna take a little time
(that's all right)

See i'm rockin' in a cradle
Down the hall somewhere and i am--
Lost inside a dream
Maybe i am falling
Maybe i am flying
But i know if i am crying she is
Holding me

And then the sky broke up
And then the rain came down
And it washed away everything on the ground
Wash it away
Wash it away
Wash it away

Now baby's got that bottle
Filled up with lightning and rain
He keeps calling out for someone
But she's riding on a train
Riding on the ghost train
And she keeps on riding
She's gonna keep on riding
Mama keep on riding
Keep on riding

Some trains they leave in the moming
Some leave in the afternoon
Some trains they leave here
Right on time
And some they just leave too soon
Way too soon
But i'm gonna keep on...

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