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Old Flames Have New Names, lyric by Mark Chesnutt

from the songs album Longnecks And Short Stories

(bobby braddock, rafe van hoy)

I left town two years ago and moved on up to idaho
But swore that i'd be back again - pick up where i left off, oh man
Grown up sexy texas babies i got back in town tonight
Anticipating much delight
I pulled out my black book and called up my old lovers
I got five newlyweds and two expectant mothers

All my old flames have new names
There's a lot of girls in town
Who tied the knot and settled down
I thought i'd start a fire with one of my old flames
But they've all got new names

My sexy little dirt road sport is now called mrs. davenport
My pretty little black-eyed susie's now mrs. susan van der hoosie
Rosie who could blow my mind is sister rose on channel nine
The wildest lover of my life is now a federal judges wife
They don't want to recognize this old familiar face
I'm just a bad reminder of their wild and woolly days

Repeat chorus

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