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R.i.p Tupac, lyric by Master P

from the songs album unknown

(samples from tupac albums)
Follow me!
I see death around the corner

(master p)
Ya thought it was over
But it's only the beginnig, thug niggas don't die
One born every minute, 2 pac don't leave
That's what they're screaming
But theese niggas on this earth is the demons
God call my dough, it's time to move on
You a rider, jump in the pimp caddy
Get you're cruise on
God got you now, no more penitentiary
You'se a soldier, nigga you made history
Hoes moaning, no more pain
Took my dogs to another place another gang
It's still westside, till we die
Niggas roll, reminisce and getting high
Thug nigga, no more tears, moma shared
No more pain in the muthaphukkin' new year
Cause you're in heaven with the other g's
We scream, makaveli to our enemies
You're like a ghost, to the niggas in the eastcoast
Makaveli number one in every recordstore
You live life to the fullest, then you die
You taught niggas never run, just ride
Killaz, that's what you hanged with
Gangstaz, that's what you banged with
You felt dead around the corner, but you came out
Real niggas don't change, that's what's you'se about
You taught niggas to take pain, deal main
That's why tupac, nigga scream your name
Tatooed up with t-shirt
When you die you say ashes and no dirt
See, you'se a legend in your own time
Ghetto means in every gangsta rhyme
Cause your, real to the fullest
If you had a trigga, nigga you pull it
R.i.p to my thug niggas, see you in the prose
Rough from master p, much love nigga!

Westside niggas feel this
Eastside niggas feel this
Southside niggas feel this
Me and west niggas feel this
Thug niggas wont ya feel this
Tupac was the realest
...i see death around the corner...

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