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Oh No She Didn't, lyric by Isyss

from the songs album The way we do

Girl this trick done lost her damn mind
My damn roommate from hell
Girl I know she ain't trippin'
Girl yes, my lights are turned off and I ain't got nothing in
My refrigerator but some stank a** milk

Oh no she didn't just go there with it
I told you this chick was shady but you didn't get it
So where she at, we five deep it'll only take a minute
'Cause we the fire, got the heat and you know we bring it

Verse 1
She use to be my best friend, tighter than most kin
And closer than cousins, but then
Things are different now though because of what followed
After I let her move in
Said she needed a hand
So I gave her a chance to get back on her feet
Given the circumstances
I don't understand this how could she play me

Last night who couldn't pay her half of the rent, not me
But still went shopping when your paycheck was spent, not me
You said the phone bill wasn't due till the 10th, not me
Oh no she didn't
You bought the groceries but you bounced the check, not me
You got a man who keeps calling collect, not me
And you were thinking you could disrespect, not me
Oh no she didn't

Verse 2
She's got the nerve to be rude breaking up my mood
And eating up all my food
And she dirties my kitchen, flirting with my man
I had to be like, b**** listen
You might think it's a joke but I ain't going broke
Trying to pay for us both
Instead of giving me more stress handle your mess
Or we'll both be homeless


Who needs to check herself before she gets wrecked
Who needs to give up every cent of her paycheck
Who needs to show a girl a little respect
Who's brought to go to jail for writing the bad checks
And who's content living just like a slob
Who needs to get her a** out and get another job
Who needs to realize that times are hard

Chorus (2x)


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