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5 colors in her hair, lyric by McFly

from the songs album 5 Colours in Her Hair 2

Do do do do doo doo,
Do do do do do doo doo,
Dodo do do do doo.

>> She's got a lipring and five colours in her hair
Not into fashion but I love the clothes she wears
Her tattoo's always hidden by her underwear
But she don't care...

Every body wants to know her name
I threw a house party and she came
every one asked me 'who the hell is she?'
>> That weirdo with five colours in her hair

She's just a loner with a sexy attitude
I'd like to phone her cos
she puts me in the mood
The rumours spreading round that she cooks in
the nude but she don't care
No she don't care..


She was all i thought about the girl I couldn't
>> live with out but then she went insane
She couldn't tak the fame,
she said I was to blame
>> She'd had enough and shaved five colours
>> off now
She's just a wierdo with no name



Chorus x2

Do do do do do doo,
Do do do do do doo,
do do do

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