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Victory, lyric by Megadeth

from the songs album Youthanasia

Now, one day I started telling everyone that
'Killing Is My Business...' and I was hung like a
For 'Looking Down The Cross' my 'Skull Beneath
The Skin'
Prophesied 'Last Rites/Loved To Death' my friends
Then I started seeing 'Bad Omens' in my head
'Good Mourning/Black Friday' will I 'Wake Up
If I 'Ain't Superstitious' then this won't mean a
But some crazy shit has happened since 'The Conjuring'

Had fingers in my eyes, had needles in my veins
A knife right through my heart, I am a victory

Came 'Anarchy' to 'Set The World A Fire'
Pain of 'Hook In Mouth', 'In My Darkest Hour'
Corruption of the world 'Peace Sells.. But
Nobody's Buying'
Ignorant Religion 'Holy Wars' and the dying, yea
by the 'Skin Of My Teeth'
'This Was My Life', 'Foreclosure Of My Dreams'
May the past 'Rust In Peace' In 'Hangar 18'
And 'Countdown To Extinction'
Just be a bad dream
'Lucretia' said...

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