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E la solita storia, lyric by Michael Bolton

from the songs album My Secret Passion

(L'Arlesiana)(It's that familiar tale)

E la solita storia del pastore...
Il povero ragazzo voleva raccontarla e s'addormi.
C'e nel sonno l'oblio. Come l'invidio!
Anch'io vorrei dormir cosi, nel sonno almen l'oblio trovar!
La pace sol cercando io vo'. Vorrei poter tutto scordar!
Ma ogni sforzo e vano. Davanti ho sempre
Davanti ho sempre di lei il dolce sembiante.
La pace tolta e solo a me. Perche degg'io tanto penar?
Lei! sempre lei mi parla ancor! Fatale vision, mi lascia!
Mi fai tanto male, Ahime!
Federico loves a girl of ill repute, so his family arranges a
marriage with a childhood sweetheart. The heartbroken lad compares his sad
adventure to the well-known tale of a shepherd boy. He knows he will never
forget his one true love.
It's that familiar tale you've heard of the shepherd...
that penniless young man, attempting to retell it,
fell sound asleep. In such slumber there's oblivion.
How I've envied him! Like him, I would sleep all of my days;
at least if I slept, I might forget! I seek only peace,
it's all I need! Forget it all! Never recall!
Yet all is futile effort, before me will always be that sweet
face of hers, alas! My peace and my quiet, forever gone!
Why must I suffer so, oh why? She, always she, speaks to me!
Vision so fatal, please vanish! How you have harmed me! Alas!

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