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One More Time, lyric by 3lw

from the songs album A Girl Can Mack

{1 verse- Kiely}
Sad goodbyes
When we cry
Oh My
They know that I need u,yeah
In the trees
Autumn leaves
Pretty sweet
When u look at me
They sing a song about u,yeah

{Bridge- Adrienne}
Even the clouds can see it's over
They can feel my hurt inside
When the sun comes out tommorrow
Will I feel alright

{Chorus- 3LW}
Come back 2 me
Dry my tears 4 me
Want u 2 luv me
1 more time
Take my only
Be my only
Come back 4 me
1 more time
(1 more time)(time,time)
(1 more time)(time,oh)
(1 more time)(time,time)
(1 more time,yeah,yeah)

{2 verse- Kiely}
Teddy bears
Rockin' chairs
It's not fair
(4 both of us not there)
2 share these treasures w/ me,yeah
Reflection shows
That I'm alone
On my own
Waitin' by the phone
But I know u won't call 4 me,yeah




Chorus 2x

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