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Knew It All Along, lyric by Midtown

from the songs album Save the World, Lose the Girl

you can say I knew it all along
that you were all I wanted
to know the pain has made you grow strong
the scars inside have made you beautiful
stop breathing for me
you said it's your right to shun dependence
and you shun
and you're scared to accept
someone to share your regrets
when you're aching
you go it alone
when you want to
you take what you need to make you whole
I know it's not easy
I know I can't feel through what you have been and trust
don't come easy
'cause to trust is to depend
and who wants to give up that part of them
you know you can have it
if you want to
I'll find you unrelated, cultivated
when you wake up incubated in me
you're free to leave
if you knew it all along

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