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Random I Am, lyric by Millencolin

from the songs album For Monkeys

Every morning, it's a new surprise
Don't know who i am before i roll the dice
The option is the only thing that i decide
You see, i live for a moment now
I never did before, with all and everything i sweap the floor
Random i am i never give a damn about what's gonna happen next
My wife and kids they left me my job is just a memory
But that's the kind of price you've gotta pay
If you're gonna go your own way
Solvin' problems can be done in many ways
I don't care, i just roll the dice
It's o.k, cause i just have to pretend that i am someone else

Get rid of all the habits not that's the plan
Come on and try it and you'll feel grand
The first step is the hardest step to take
Imagination is the only brake
Just roll the dice, and everything will turn out nice
You can be who you wanna be
Do what you wanna do and do it how you like
This is my way of getting through the day, but i still don't know

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