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Knock 'em Dead Kid, lyric by Motley Crue

from the songs album Live-entertainment Or Death

In the heat of the night
You went and blackened my eyes
Well now i'm back
I'm back
I'm back
And i'm coming your way
Well now i'm supercharged
Might just explode in your face
I'm black
I'm black
I'm black
And i'm primed for hate

Knock 'em dead, kid
(knock 'em dead)
Knock 'em dead, kid
(knock 'em dead)
The blade is red, kid
(knock 'em dead)
Knock 'em dead, kid
Knock 'em dead

A star-spangled fight
Heard a steel-belted scream
Now i'm black, i'm black, i'm black
Another sidewalk's bloody dream
I heard the sirens whine
My blood turned to freeze
You'll see the red in my eyes
As you take my disease

Knock 'em knock 'em knock 'em
Knock 'em dead kid

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