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Poonanee, lyric by 4LYN

from the songs album 4LYN

hello,miss drag-dyke.
u got a problem?
tell me becuz i like
2 see u cry out ya eyeballs,
even if i know that it?s my fault.
cuz u try 2 diss me,uhm,wayback..
by wantin?me 2 b ya gay-fag..
but now u see i found ma way back
and also the strength 4 this mu?fukkin payback.
but now,u say that u sorry
but u still can?t ignore me..
would u please jump off ma cock?
cuz?I show u the fukkin? way 2 the door "miss-thang",
and from the inside i make sure that its locked!
i?ll break ya heart 4 only 1 fukkin reason
cuz u broke ma will,u nah mean?
and now u get tha reciet 4 all tha shit that u did
sincerrily yours
the ponkk that i ve been,u will...

beg! poo-na-nee!,you?re such a bad poo-na-neee!
you?re such a bad poo-na-nee!
you?re such a bad poo-na-nee!

good afternoon,miss shizophrenic.
remember me,(oops),
now u panic.
i told u once and a million times,
u try 2 fukk me up and u becum part of my rhymes,u whore!
no more,no more, ya tschikka,ya tschikka
you lil? hooka,hooka u see this finger-swinga?
pointin his middlefinga in ya direction..
(not even a blind man could get an erection!!)
but u tell lies,
(funny how times flies) when ya havin? fun
especially when u fukk wit a gun.
yo,u fucked ma fam and now u bleed..
u lumpish hooka, i wish i could beat u down
2 da concrete,(beatch!)
,close ya lipz and shut up now (now!!!)
but keep ya ears and ya eyez open wide,
so u can see and hear what tha fukk iz up..

(i just want 2 let u know 1 thing
about the person u fukked with...
i cannot accept the fact that u are the one
that shot me in da back!) u will ...
beg! poo-na-nee!you?re such a bad poo-na-nee!
you?re such a bad poo-na-nee!
you?re such a bad poo-na-nee! ...

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