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Vague, lyric by Orgy

from the songs album Punk Static Paranoia

Chemicals keep me under control (Repeat 4x)

Sleeping at the wheel. I can?t feel my face.
Maybe it?s better this way.
My stomach?s twisted, all tied up in knots.
And I?m feeling like I don?t want this.
Killing time as the clock goes tick tock, tick tock.
They?ll never keep you away from me.
I know where you?ll be tomorrow.
What difference does it make to you?
I don?t care, ain?t got the time.
Winning the race for another line.
It?s written in my mind.
Just to get it all away from me.
Away from me.
?Cause I think I?m falling.

[ Segment 1 ]
?Cause I think I?m falling.
Falling out of touch with life.
And I?m thinking it?s all just a big mistake.
I think I?m falling.
Falling, out of touch with life.
So what have I been telling myself?

[ Chorus ]
Must be the rage deep down inside of me.
Eating me away. Eating me away.
Feelings are so vague, so wrong.
So what have I been telling myself?

So I?ve been chosen to be the victim of your misery.
That?s right I?m frozen. Chemicals keep me under control.
So cold from all the ice and amphetamines.
That I just might make you think that Jesus was your middle name.
As though it seems to be an act of God.
But for now go ahead and believe what you want to believe.
?Cause I think I?m falling.

[ Repeat Segment 1 ]

[ Repeat Chorus ]

Myself. (Repeat 8x)
You know what kills me?
Chemicals keep me under control. (Repeat 15x)
Why is everybody hooked on...
When you feel so desperate you got your grip on me.
I take away all the trust and all the sympathy.
Why is everybody hooked on everybody else.

I?ll guess I?ll never understand it.
Come and fill your head with lies.
No I can?t explain.
Why everyone seems so vague.

[ Repeat Chorus ]

Feelings are so vague.
So what have I been telling myself?

[ Repeat Chorus ]

Deep inside it?s eating me away.
Feelings are so vague. Feelings are so vague.

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